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Hey ladies, Feel free to add your links to this thread :) We can help each other out. Support each other till we see those lovely C/H. Rejoice when we see those rises. And offer support when we see those falls. What do you all think? I'll add mine to start us off. Auntyleesha​eesha


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This site is so annoying with people's earlier posts not showing up until after you have posted!! 
So update:
GOOD LUCK LOU3!!  How exciting!! :-D


Caza01, the VIP functions on FF are pretty cool aren't they?  I loved having all the extra things like the tidbits! :-)  Good on you for taking the plunge!
Debs you need to have 3 consecutive higher temps before FF puts your crosshairs in but sometimes you have to wait until 4DPO rather than 3DPO (well that happened to me before anyway).  I can't see any clear sign on your chart that you have ovulated yet - what do the other ladies think?
Nicola_M welcome to the Charters Club!  Best of luck for a sticky baby!  You are in a lucky thread for sure x
Debszie and Lou3, I too agree with Delta, your temps are looking good!!  Lou3 I reckon that you may actually be 12DPO so hang in there, it is looking VERY promising :-D
As for me, I had another scan today to check that everything's okay after my cyst rupture last week.  There is still a bit of fluid in there but it is now an amount they deem 'normal' - it should eventually reabsorb though I think most of it has actually come out as spotting.  The scan has made the pain come back a bit stronger (it hurt quite a bit after lifting Jack today as well) so I have more meds and may have to take another day off work - lucky I have a great boss!  Our one baby is doing really well in there too and this week s/he even looked like a little baby, so cute and a relief to see!!
Hope everyone else is well!
*Baby dust for all!*


Lou your symptoms are sounding great! I cant wait to hear how your test goes....
Debszie I'm sure the cramps are nothing to worry about. good luck with your wait!
Debs your chart doesnt look like you have ovulated yet- you'll get the cross lines when you have 3 temps above the previous 6 or so. Are you checking your cm at the cervix? Sometimes it'e easier to tell if you are ov as the cervix opens and more mucus there. You might find it yucky but each to their own!
Delta what are you doing next cycle?
Clucky 42 where are you? Busy BD perhaps?!
My ov is dragging on a bit- cervix is still open but temp going up... last night I had to come home form work at 20.30 pm for a couple of hours to get some more juice ha ha I was worried as cervix was still open. I felt really naughty!! Anyway if I get my BFP Ill be so chuffed anyway it wont matter! The midwives at work are so lovely as they know I am TTC. surprising how many women take ages to conceive. I have heard so many stories lately of people who conceive after being told they cant. Just goes to show miracles do happen! 


I got AF type cramps when I was pregnant so thought for sure that it was on its way - it's quite common. I have been having tingly boobs but no AF cramps - a few strange uterine twinges over the last week that have died down now.  Good luck Debszie!!!
Quickcard are quite cheap and many on this site say they are not very good.  They are known for evaporation lines too.  But hey as long as they give us a BFP!
By the way Caza01 good move to upgrade - enjoy ;-)


Wow Lou sounding good! Do you think quick cards aren't very good...? They are the ones I normally use.....
Well my symptoms are - sore throbbing/stinging boobs (desperate to take my bra off after work as it feels tight)
                                     - pimples on chest and breasts (never had that in my life, whats that all about!!??)
                                      - only 'every now and then uterine' cramps
                                     - tiredness ++, but, also a very sore throat -  so may have something brewing

Every time I get the uterine cramps my heart sinks as that is what i get before AF, although normally they are real bad by now. CD 23 of a 25 day cycle. AF due saturday. Did a sneaky test today (first response - cheap) and of course it was negative (too early haha)
Pleaaasseee temp stay high.........please baby be growing in there!!!


Debs I think it is after 3 consecutive rises - but the others will know better.
Cathybunny & Bri I think it's great that you cross back to 'the other side' and let us know how you are going, and support and advise us back here!  I will also keep gender a surprise..someone once jokingly said it makes you push harder if you don't know hehe.
Rachael have you discovered the weight tracker yet on FF yet?  It is great to watch it come down.
Welcome Nicola!
I feel so nauseas, CM is clear (yippee), temp is high, boobs sore, weeing lots, FF says to test tomorrow.  We have DP's xmas party tomorrow night so better check.  If major temp drop I wont though. It may be too early as cycle was 32 days last month and if I did in fact ov later..hmm and I only have crappy quickcards..but what the heck I am beside myself with excitement.  Will be hard to sleep tonight!!


does anyone know how long it is until FF puts up the crosshairs after ovulation? I was sure i ovulated on Tuesday however no lines... actually my chart is looking a bit strange with inconsistent temps... frustrating!!!


I agree, Lou and Debzie looking FAB!  Oh this is sooo exciting - I can't wait to have some more data in there.  Got my first line this morning :)


Welcome Nicola.. hopefully your time here will be short and sweet too for all the right reasons ;-) 


Welcome Racheal... temping is pretty interesting.    This is only my
second month and Im still learning how to read them but its cool to
start understanding what your body is doing.
upgraded Cathybunny, I upgraded.  It has my EDD as the 10 Aug if this
month is successful 6 days before my birthday... could end up sharing. 
I wouldn't mind just so bady want to be UTD.
that is so sweet of your partner to do it too.  I've been slack this
month and have just put a pillow under my butt to lift it a little.  If
no successful this month I'll do the legs in in the air thing.  I've
heard it has been pretty successful for some.  Fingers crossed it is
for you too...
Wow that another temp rise Lou... looking good!  Are you going to test soon? 
I've been late most mornings this week as I've been on the computer
updating FF & checking out the boards... lol!  Think Im going to
have to start getting up half an hour earlier....

AFM I don't think my chart is looking very promising :-(  what do you think?


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fab mum

Oh clucky I'm just reading your update - Good that you have a full diagnosis now, good luck and hopefully we'll both get our lovely BFP in Jan :)

Earlene Robertson
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