Worst Parenting Advice :)

What's the worst parenting advice you had been given?? I just heard 'Better keep a warm jersey on or your milk will be cold and baby won't want it' Tehe


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I think theres a book in here somewhere! Somebody should publish all of these little "pearls of wisdom"!  Great stuff :)


 I've also been told don't carry him around all the time or he'll get to clingy. Surprisingly I don't have a problem with my baby wanting me around, like I'm just going to leave him sitting somewhere alone all day while I do housework and stuff. Crazy people.

Spuds Mum

Make sure u make them eat their crust or they wont get curly hair!

Dont make them walk in the cold with wet hair, their features will freeze!

Dont give them fluids after 7 othwerwise they will wet the bed often....


I was told by a couple of friends that its gets easier with the second child than with the first as you are more prepared. My friends might have found it easier the 2nd time but I dont. My second child is so different than the first and much more harder to look after.

girls rock!

I got told last nite to
"smoke a joint" every couple of days while pregnant, as Itll make baby be really calm etc after shes born!!
All i could do was laugh!!!!


haha sarahchch, that's crazy about rubbing the tummy! haha omg


"don't pull faces at your baby, or he will grow up to be a criminal"
"your son (5months) is too big (8kgs), you need to stop feeding him"
"you have to give your baby water, or else he can't digest formula"-ummm, what is formula mixed with? milk?
MIL-you HAVE to smack him though, after his one warning though

Azure's Mum

Haha I've had some stupid advice things like you will spoil him if you carry him around, he's a baby!!! But my favorite was don't tickle him or he will stutter when he's older!! Haha. Some advice comes from older family members and they mean well but then other times it's just ridiculous!


OMG Exciting Adventure - what a HORRIBLE Plunket nurse! So glad you had the nous to tell the old bag to get lost. It's awful to think that she's bullying new mums like that.

I got 'he won't bother learning to walk since he knows he can get mummy to pick him up and carry him'. This because I pick my son (just turned 1 yr) up and give him a cuddle when he asks me to. And since I will always give my son a cuddle when he needs one, I guess he'll NEVER learn to walk...


Wow I am really looking forwards to BF'ing my son on his wedding day. It can be a special moment between us before the horrible woman he marries steals him. HAHAHA


lol I love all of these
I remember getting bad pregnancy advice from my Mum first time around, like "you can't drink alcohol, but you can drink beer." WTF!
Also my FFIL told me on Saturday night that if you breastfeed past age one and don't wean, the child will NEVER wean. It will keep coming for it FOREVER. lmao

Mumma Luv

From MIL "If you keep working through your pregnancy, baby will be born with a small head!" ... Eh? :D
"Don't wear a sling with baby, as you're bound to trip over and crush it with your weight". I asked if this meant that I shouldn't carry baby around either, and got a blank stare for my efforts :D
And my favourite: "Over 25, your baby has a 50/50 chance of Downs Syndrome!". Got that one from New Scientist, huh?
Ah, MILs. So much fun, so little time :

anton + emilys mummy
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