Pregnant with Triplets!!?!

Hi anyone else going through the huge, yet amazing journey of Triplets. I'd love to share, freakin' out a little!! Only 9.5 weeks in as well....


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I've been lurking too. The other day I was at the supermarket and was showing my daughter a gorgeous newborn. I told the mum my girl is getting used to the idea of my being pregnant. She said she'd had triplets so she wasn't having any more (first pregnancy, 2 girls 1 boy). She said the other two were at home with the nanny. Her coping tip was "Don't drop everything (like eating breakfast) just because one cries or else nothing will get done."
Just out of curiosity what first made you/your midwife suspect triplets?


Congrats on the scan Sky Mama.. i haven't posted here before but pop in now and again to see how you are doing.  Sounds like you are doing fantastically.. keep it up!!

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I was away for the weekend, so missed this earlier.

Sounds like the scan was brilliant skymama. My children have all inherited short leg bones from their dad. They are growing out of size one tops, but there are still quite a few size one pants which are too long for them.


Hi All,
We had a scan on thurs, and all went really well, well thats if you ask the sonographer.... the OB who tends to be my 'fear of god' reality check was busy with other patients and didn't feel the need to add her 2 cents so thats promising!!  The OB was very pleased that I decided not to go to work, so that made me feel like I'd made the right decision!  I am a bit of a novelty, a trainee caught wind I was the triplet mum, so asked if he could observe... that was good, as he ended up being my sonographers bum boy!
My wee boy (who has everyone worried) gained 205gs, so that is perfect progress, his important measurements like abdominal circumfrence were normal for his gestation, but it seems he may be a bit of a shorty, cos his leg bone is a little short!!  So that means that his placenta is still giving him what he needs, so next marker... which is 25 weeks (2 more weeks and another growth scan)
So my little boy weighs 488g, his sister 513g, and the big boy who has set up camp on my bladder has come in at a whopping 600g!
We have my nieces 2nd birthday today, yum, treats!!  How I've managed to keep the gest diabetes away I have no idea with my sweet tooth!  Then on to moving!  Well, I'm actually doing very little, but watching everyone else move my stuff!  I'd hardly be any use anyway, stopping every 10 steps for a rest... and I feel a growth spurt coming on... ouch!


I just requested to join the FB page to please.... more of a lurker but love hearing about your updates! Good Luck for the move :)

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Skymama  did you know that Mountain Buggy do a triple as well ????? It is not that much wider than the twin one and would be ideal. I saw one in a Baby on the Move Store In Auckland  the lady who owned the store had it as a demo  might be worth a look  as you can put all three of your bubba's in bassinets as well in the MB 
I have been a silent lurker in this thread having been a twin mummy myself 


Hi All,
So I am getting everything in line for settlement day on friday.  Meeting with insurance brokers and the lawyer, sorting the moving etc.  Can't wait to move!  So I haven't really got time to get bored, and all my people are mobile so that rocks! 

I have my follow up scan on Thursday.... a bit nervous but in the same breath very relieved to be checking on them!  We have had a first real outside kicks in the last 2 days!  Mostly I can feel our little girl!  She lies down my right side, so my arm kinda rests by her!  Thats really cool, because I could hardly feel her flutters!!  I can even feel our little boy, he woke me up yesterday, with a constant pounding on my belly button!  The one I cant really feel is the big boy at the bottom.  But he 'fluttered' the most earlier, and I can still feel him but in a 'I need to go to the toilet' kinda way!

In other news, I saw a triple stroller on Trademe today!  I want it, but its in Chch....  if anyone knows of anybody that wants to sell one, please let me know on here or FB.


luckily i didnt have any of that when i was pregnant with my twins.. but my glare would have most backing away anyway.. lol. tired and grumpy does not make a nice me.. hehhee

i have requested to join the facebook group..

im not happy with this site at all either.. its horrible to use.. and i hardly ever come here now.. just a quick pop in to catch up on skymamas progress every week or two..


Hi all, I just updated my photos... here is the link!  I'm sure I look bigger in real life!  Hopefully I will have some scans to add next week!

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22 weeks today!

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Hi some of us have started a forum for Skymama, Kirby and the 3rd lady on face book.  This is the link.  You have to ask to join and Skymama has full control over who she would like on there at the moment since we haven't been able to find the other two triplet mummies yet.  So if you other two ladies are reading this we would love you to join us.  You may have to explain who you are when you request to join.  Sad to say some of us just have too many issues on here now :(

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i didnt mean that s all you do by the way.. lol... i just know from being pregnant with my twins how little i was able to do.. drove me insane.. hahaha

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you sound amazingly high spirited considering you are limited to sitting around trying to grow triplets.. well done to you.

it is a real shame the other two mums have gone quiet. i wonder if there is any way of getting in touch with them.. maybe treasures could email them and let them know we are all wondering how they are gettng along.

feet up chic.. your doing so well :)


another month until you are allowed to shop again isn't it? That must be so frustrating - I would just want to be buying stuff all the time. I see stuff now and am sad I don't have a little one to shop for any more. Just 9 more days until your scan though - that's good.

Grow llittle ones grow!


Hi all, our next scan will be at 22.6weeks on the 19th of Nov.  It will be the anomally scan part 2.  They didn't get all the photos they needed (took nearly 2 hours to get what they did) and they will check on my little bub.  I think they will be checking the amniotic fluid as well.  They thought the levels looked fine, and that they will do a proper check next time.

I can hear them squishing around in their waters, its very weird!  I'm still waiting on the proper kicks, nothing yet... my DH is getting very impatient! The 2 smallest ones are not that different in weight, but the smallest falls just under the line for expected weight.  So I am keeping faith that we can carry all to a good healthy weight.  I haven't had any big growth spurts lately so one must be on the way!  We are huge!  I can feel my uterus getting higher, which is good for giving them space.

I can't wait to get my licence to shop back!  Neither can my family!  We move in 2 weeks to our new house, I feel really bad as I can't even really help unpack boxes!  I will be trully useless!

Bring on the 19th....

Clare Bear

I bet it is going slowly - good that you are keeping sane. Yeah it is a shame we haven't seen the other triplet mums recently. I hope they are all going OK. How long until your next scan?


Hey Clairbear!  We are fine, but time is ticking by really slowly!  I make a plan every 2nd day to do my nieces bday pres, the movies the other day... I am doing tonnes of growing, we are getting pretty huge, but so far my energy levels haven't really dropped so we are just trotting along!
I think the website change has scared my other triplet mates away, that's a shame, because Id love to know how they're going!!!!

Clare Bear

I hope you are coping OK under house arrest skymama. The weather is lovely this weekend. My garden is growing well, especially the lettuces which have taken off this past week, so I will be able to use them to make a salad tomorrow. We have organised a baby sitter and are going out for dinner for our anniversary tonight. Really looking forward to it. 8 years next week.

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Hi Melissa, thank you so much for sharing!  I know that I am not in the same boat as you exactly, but they are similar in that, we both could have these strong willed amazing survivors, or we can experience a devastating loss.

I keep reminding myself that people beat these odds all the time, and I haven't had the worst case senario read out to me yet.  I'm hoping that I get to 23 weeks and we have a fighting chance still.  You guys are nearly there!!  I know of 2 sets of twins that only made it to 25-26 weeks, and they are still with us today!  So your milestone is just within reach!  I will be thinking of you and your boys, and hoping for the very best!

Nearly there Melissa and bubs!!


Glad to hear your boys are both growing Melissa, great that you are at 25 weeks already - fingers crossed you can keep them in a lot longer.

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skymama, wishing you all the best for your next scan, i understand how scary things must seem. Im currently 25wks with identical twin boys, at 21wks a scan showed my pregnancy was in the first stages of twin to twin transfusion syndrome, my babies share a placenta and basically they have an unequal share so one is growing bigger than the other, i was sent to speak with the specialist in auckland who gave the the scary stats, if the syndrome progresses and is left untreated its 90 to 100% mortallity rate for both babies, and the treatment only has a 50 to 60% success rate for both babies.
I am currently scaned weekly  in waikato, and so far the syndrome has sayed in the first stage, so although my boys are different sizes and one has only 2cms of fluid and the other has over 8cms they are both continuing to grow :) the aim is to get them as big and strong as possible until the have to come out.
the doctor has to give you the worst case, but  its not always the outcome.
again, all the best.


Just checked out your facebook pictures skymama - they look so wonderful in the scan pics and you look fantastic too. I showed DH your 13 week 5 day pic and you 14 week 2 day pic and he was stunned anyone could grow so much in 4 days.

Fingers all crossed for the next scan in 3 weeks.

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