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Hey guys! I thought that I would start a thread for all the March bubbas from 08 in here - It would be great to touch base with some of you again!! Its going to take a bit to get round this site (what with interupting toddlers all the time, wanting to type on the keyboard as well!!) I have a son named Jaxon who is 18 months now and boy, I can't believe how time has flown!!!


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Right, well how sad am I? Had to go and buy a test just to put my mind at rest. I am not! ( I am kinda relieved about that only because I didnt' want to get preggy straight away!!). But it is odd that I am late, cause I am normally quite regular.
On another note - been a nice, but windy day today.  DH came home tonight and said that he would be getting a nice commission for his pay next week, which is a great relief cause not only are we going to be able to afford to buy pressies, but actually have a nice xmas holiday without worrying too much.
Got some issues with our tenants though which is annoying


Tried to come on last night, but my PC decided to pack up!!
Josh's mummy, sorry to hear that things are not going quite right with you at the moment!!  Its hard when things seem to get on top of you!
I am stressing out a bit cause my period was due on monday and yes, I know that its only been three days... but I have only just gone off the pill and really don't want to get pregnant this quickly.  Now that I am faced with the possibility I am not sure that I want to have another one now! (isn't that just typical!).  I am hopefully not, would like to just have a couple of months to get used to the idea of having another one.  I guess its just that I soooo love the time I am able to spend with Jaxon.  
I think that I just feel a bit out of sorts today.  My DH came home from work last night all grumpy and in his "man cave"".  His mood must have rubbed off on me today.


Having a minor mental meltdown at the moment and I can feel all of my previous "mental health issues" coming back to me. My darling boss has decided to cut my hours back to the 25 hours that are in my contract and we just can't survive on 25 hours a week!!! Why do they have to do this right before christmas... and why did they have to do it when dp has no work for 2 weeks!!!!


Would you believe we could have a sick child again? Not sure if he's teething or coming down with a couple of ear infections, he keeps playing with his ears so they're all red and when I put my finger on his gums they were swollen at the back as though he's getting some more molars. And he's been a right royal grump all day and yelled the whole way home from work which drove me crazy!!! I just can't believe that he's not right again!!!! I'm hoping that the 3 weeks I have off over christmas will be enough time for his immune system to sort itself out.
Since Joshys early success with the toilet we now seem to be getting nowhere fast. He's more than happy to get his little stool and toilet seat and hop there, he's more than happy to sit on the loo and sing songs or read books with me....then 5 seconds after he's hopped off he's weeing on the floor!!!! I know kids do it in their own time so I'm not in any hurry, just a bit frustrated by the backwards movement.
I really need to go to bed but I just feel like my day has been too short and I've no time to do anything for me so I'm resisting the temptation of sleep...even though I know I'll pay for it tomorrow.


Glad to her the Josh is on the mend, hope your Grandma does ok with her Op too.

I'm scared about getting pregnant too, but coz I'm worried I'll have spent $10,000 and have nothing to show for it.  I start my injections tomorrow which is great because they stuck me on the pill to start my cycle and the pill they gave me has given me a never ending period I've had it for over 2 weeks now and they say some woman get this as a side effect  :(.  Once I start the injections the period should stop in a few days HOORAY - i'm sick of buying tampons and pigging out on chocolate and other bad food which I do when I have my period!

Lauren wee'd in the potty 5 times yesterday so we bought her a little toy today as a reward, would of had a perfect accident free day if Daddy hadn't come back from swimming with Lauren yesterday morning via Wendys' and McDonalds on his search for take out breakfast adding an extra 1/2 hr to the journey.  He got home opened her car door and she said 'WEE' but had already have done some but held onto the rest until he got her on the potty.

Thank goodness her carseat cover is machine washable, silly DH thought the pull up training pant I packed in her swimming bag was another swim nappy and dressed her in her trowsers with nothing underneath - men they do some strange stuff at times.


Evidently I forgot to tell dp that we were having christmas at our place this year so now I'm in the poopies!! Oopsie!!! Now i've got him on board though it's a bit more fun cos I have someone to help me plan stuff and get excited with.
Joshy managed to pass his bug onto his darling daddy so I now have the dreaded man-flu in my house!!!!! There is nothing worse than man-flu.
My Grandma found out she has an aggressive form of cancer in her leg. She is having it removed on Friday but they can't put her under anatsaetic because she only weighs 44kg and wouldn't survive, instead they're giving her an epidural. It's very scary because she is albino so has very sensitive skin anyway and is really struggling with her health anyway, my Grandad had a triple by-pass not long ago and now we're worried about losing them both. If either of them die it'll be the first death I've experienced in my close family. 
I've got mixed feelings about getting preggers again too, Jaxons mum. I was super clucky and couldn't wait but now I'm a bit scared (been remembering the last dramas) and I'm enjoying doing stuff with my Joshy and don't think I could bear to split my time between my little man and a baby. I am worried about how my mental health will cope with the whole pregnancy, birth and new baby ordeal....basically the idea of another baby is doing my head I'm just not thinking about it!!

anton + emilys mummy

Hi all,

Haven't been on for ages.  Sorry to hear that Josh is really sick, hope your all getting some sleep today.

How is everyone?  How are the babies and is anyone else gotten pregnant?  I start taking my injections on Tues for my IVF cycle ($$$) no xmas in our house this year a baby would be nice though.

Has anyone started toilet training?  We started on Sunday and Lauren is now able to tell me before she does a wee, but sometimes we sit on the potty and nothing happens then she has an accident 10mins later - oops.

Jacob's n Jelly Baby's Mummy

I have just stripped Joshs bed for the 3rd time in half an hour!!!! He power chucked all over the lounge floor (my lovely cream carpet) and seemed fine so we put him to bed and he's done it 3 more times since then!!!! It's driving me crazy cos I've only just gotten him over the blisters and now he's got this...and to top it all off I have no sick leave left!!!! He's really tired but every time we put him in bed he chunders all over it!!!!


 Morning all where ever you are!!

great day up here today - so hopefully get to get out in the garden!

caseys mum

 Welcome back Kryddle! Hope that the family was all good up there!

Ok, so Jaxon has been asleep for over 3 hours now (since 11am) not that I am complaining. But he also slept for 3 hours yesterday too - which is highly unusual! Keep feeling that I should go in and check on him, but I know that if I do he will wake up and you know the 'ole saying....

DH came home safe and sound on Wednesday night (midnight) but then he had to fly out again at 7am to naiper!. Though seeing the greeting that Jax gave him when he got home bought tears to my eyes!! Jaxon hadn't seen him since sunday and was soooooooooo excited. Brownie points for hubby too cause he bought home some duty free! Yum

Home Grown

 Sorry to hear that the blister is still a prob! Hopefully it won't hang around for too long.
I guess its hard for me not to get too caught up in the whole "he must eat something" and  he's gotta have his veges, etc for dinner... ("dinner" food).  I am going to try a fresh fish fillet tonight and some peas to see how that goes!
Its weird though cause there are no battles with getting him him to eat during the day - its just the dinner time that has become an issue *sigh*

Frosty Cheryl

Back to work this afternooon (groan)I still have an open blister but they were screaming out for me and any bit of moolah is going to be nice. J-man has been spending the day with his Granny and Grandpa and his 2 year old cousin.....his cousin is half Fijiian so he's got dark skin, hair and eyes and looks so funny next to my little white boy, they get on really well though which is cool.
Anyone used those Compeed cold sore pacthes? I'm just wondering if one might help the last blister I've got on my lip. I haven't been able to kiss my little man in a week and I miss it, I couldn't talk for 6 days and he looked at me like I'd hurt him and it was so sad.
Jaxons mum, I read somewhere that you have to introduce a different food to a child 10 times before they will try it or like it. I use the same theory of "if he gets hungry enough he'll eat it" but I do know it doesn't always work. I think you're doing well by giving him different things to try and soon he will hopefully start to give them a try, I often think that parents over-react to their kids eating and make it into a long as they're eating something, is my theory!!!
Righto, I should go get ready for work now I guess.

Mumma Luv
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