Jack Cameron Mellis

My 4 week early little bub. Born 14 October at 5.16am, 5lb 11oz. Jack was born at 36weeks 1day, so another early bub for me. Ben was 35 weeks 5days. So not a total surprise, thought there was a possibility of having him early. So tuesday night about 11.15pm I woke up to it being wet below, went to the toilet and yep was definitely my waters that had broken. So woke hubby, and rung midwife. She said to go to the hospital where they would monitor me, and see what happens. Got to the hospital about 12.15am and no contractions at all by the time I got there. I had no hints during the day that I was going into labour that night either. Started getting mild contractions after mw had done an internal, I was 3 cm, and she did a stretch and sweep to speed things up a bit. Contractions became 5 mins apart after 3am, then 4pm labour was established, the contractions were getting pretty intense by that stage, still no pain relief. Mw wasn't even offering any. Started pushing about 5am, and had him at 5.16am. The pushing stage was so painful, I wanted the gas, but they don't give anything during that stage. So after about 3 or 4 pushes he was out. Apgar was 9 and then 10. Weighing in at 5lb11oz, or 2.570kgs, and I had no pain relief (which I am pretty stoked about, considering I had an epidural last labour with Ben). He latched on really well to the breast and feeding going well.

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What a cool birth story Sus.  i was going to ask how it all went when i saw you at coffee group...now i know :D
Hopefully see you this week and get to meet Jack :)

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congratulations on ur little boy, glad everything went well.


Congrats Sus, what a wait for him, bet he's worth it!  All the best.  Can't wait to see photos when T gets that sorted!


I know, I was trying to work out where to do it :(


Omg your story is really exciting! Makes me want to TTC!
I am so glad everything went so well, and that you have a beautiful baby boy.  It is a shame we can not post pics with this site

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