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Hi everyone, does anyone know of any coffee groups or playgroups on the North Shore (preferably Albany, East Coast Bays, Takapuna, Forrest Hill, Milford, Sunnynook areas)? I am new to the area and am at home with a toddler and a baby and would really love to make some new friends (well at least some who don't whine and keep me up all night!)


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 hey im keen to meet up with anyone for a coffee or a chat. i have a 6 week old daughter. my email is i do not drive but am able to get to takapuna and suburbs close to that


hey me and my daughter 7weeks old would be keen to meet up for coffee and chat. my email  be nice to hear from you.

luv my kids

mama2locky, im in ranui/henderson so a wee bit away. i have a 3 year old and a 9 month old and am always looking for other mums with children around the same age. we travel up to west harbour albany area quite often.....


hi there, looks like i'm miles too late but i'm really interested in finding a coffee group in the northshore too! i have one little boy who is nearly 8 months old and is getting so bored being home with just mummy!! lol anyone know of any friendly coffee groups keen to add a new member? :-)


Hi Meenu- It's Jillian here (Shaun's cousin)- I am guessing it is you, as the ages of the girls fit :-) Anytime you can want to meet up with me & Ella and have a playdate with the girls let me know. Normally Mon or Tues works best for us :-)


Hi Meenu, I've just started going to a playgroup in Albany its really lovely - also have a little girl 2.5, perhaps we can meet up? My email is :○)


Hi, Does anyone know of a playgroup in Albany/Pinehill area on Fridays? Or would anyone be interested in starting one up? I have 2 girls, 1 and 2 1/2. My email is:

Azure's Mum

Hi I am also keen to meet some new mums on the shore. I have a 17 month old DS and trying for our 2nd. I live in the Forrest Hill / Milford area. Will check out the facebook group sounds good ;o)


Hi there, I have lived on the Shore since Xmas, my Bub is now 5 months old, I am interested in meeting mums and making friends as I dont know anyone especially anyone with kids. Im 26 this is my first child. Im in the birkenhead area.
my email is thanks! look forward to hearing from anyone!


Hey - I'm 25 and have got a one year old daughter who loves playing with other kids! We are in Glenfield. If your keen to catch up email me on and i'll try to organise something...


BabyIssysMummy, our coffee group meets up once a week. I'm 21 and have just had #2 who is 12 weeks.
I also (try!) meet up with a bunch of ladies from the Feb09 thread in 'the early months' they all have bubs the same age.

Click on the link up in my last post and it will take you to our facebook page, there is a link to our site there too :)


Hi girls.

I have gone back to work part time, and I live in Beach Haven on the Shore. I am also 23 and have a 1 year old boy, and in 11 weeks will have a little girl. Snap my name is Sarah too LOL.

Baby Issys Mummy, I know there are quite a few playgroups around, there is one at the Beach Haven hall in Beach Haven on a Monday morning, but your lil girl maybe a bit young for that, however you could go and meet new mums there.

I would be keen to meet up with you all, but probably wont have time till I am off work again in 4 weeks time.

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