8 month old gagging with lumpy food

My8 month old has been on solids since he was almost six months old and all has gone really well until now, I have started introducing mushy food and the stage two foods that watties offers, however when he comes across a texture he doesnt like or a pea or a chunk  he gags on it and ends up throwing any tea he has eaten up. It is so frustrating I want him to keep progessing forward but i feel like iv hit a bump in the road and im not really sure what to do, or if its normal?? He is fine with food in his mesh bag, and loves anything but it just seems to be the texture, i dont want tobe pureeing his food forever...... anyone else had this problem? any suggestions would be great :)

Aunty leesha

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Hi there
My daugter was the same took her ages to eat lumpy food, I just continued pureeing for some time then gradually added more and more lumps. I found she still even had to have here apples peeled when she was over 2 cause she would gag and throw up. I guess some children take longer than others. Shes seems to have come right now that shes 2 and a half. I have to agree with JHeape just give it time. :)


Hi there, he's only 8 months old, don't worry about it. My DS gagged on food until he was over a year old, I think he stopped around 13 months. Some take longer then others. Just keep offering lumpy food, he will get there. My DS used to be the same, he would throw up to and the mess is frustrating. Hell I hate it when there's lumps in my mased potatoe even now and I'm an adult lol. He's only ever been used to drinking fluids and these lumps and chunks are weird to swollow for him. Please just give it time and all will be fine :) Good luck.

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