Low milk supply after only a week! Please help!

Ok so I had my wee boy a week ago and already my milk seems to be disappearing. Only two nights ago, my breasts were very engorged and painful but I just kept feeding to free up the ducts that were getting blocked and now they are no longer engorged but soft and unfull. I don't know what to do! I really want to breast feed. I breastfed my son for 6 months and had to stop due to a low milk supply so I wanted to go longer with this one... Any advice?

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this might be to late but you can get a breats feeding tea from health shop or a liquid form hardys. tastes yucky but worked for me as i had a c-section and was worried my milk wouldn't come in


How's iot going? Has he put on weight? I hope things are going OK for you - I know it's very hard when you want to BF and things don't seem to be going right.

Check out www.kellymom.com for really good advice - there is a page called low supply? and it can help you work out if you really do have problems or not, but I thinl it's just too early to tell.

Make sure you are restin and looking after yourself as much as you can.

Also check to see if he is been a lazy sucker. My DS would get the first let down fine, but then not work the breast well enough to stimulate a second let down. I had to take him off and re attach to start it up again.

good luck!

Missy Mop

Hi RoZ-BuD, how are things going now?  I'm assuming that since you haven't commented again things are improving...?  I had really good supply with my first (after a week or working my butt off to get it that way) and assumed it would be the same second time round.  My second, however was a different kettle of fish.  I did most of the things I'd done with my first but still my wee man lost weight.  I had blessed thistle, milk flow, and eventually domperidone.  I ate a diet high in protein and would eat six weetbix in the night when I was hungry (previously hadn't been able to eat more than 2!!). 

I had previously been determined to feed  him for a year but reached a point of nearly giving up.  Only knowing that he was having surgery at six weeks and wanting to give him a breast feed after the anaesthetic kept me going that long.  After the surgery he had the best feed ever and I renewed my resolve to feed him for a year.  He turned one last week and I had to take domperidone for a few days every few weeks through that entire year as otherwise my supply would dwindle to almost nothing.  I was initially put off domperidone because the instructions said to take four times a day on an empty stomach which is ridiculous when you're trying to remember to eat to increase your milk supply! However once I gave up on doing it that way it worked well for me, I'd just take it three times a day with meals (and usually take two).  I'm not sure what the medical professionals would say about my way of doing it but I wanted to be able to feed my baby and couldn't afford to keep buying the natural suplements.

I was told that he had a poor suck, he certainly had reflux and was later diagnosed with a milk allergy (which caused him to not like the formula top ups he was having) so I wonder if that played a part, perhaps knowing that milk made him feel unwell stopped him from wanting to feed well.  I don't know. 

Good luck anyway, I hope it works out for you!


I have always been a good cow so never had any problems with supply.  But I have always eaten heaps to get my supply up.  I have always craved fatty food when feeding.  Fish and chips always got the milk going and also lots f good healthy food too, lots of fresh fruit and veges


Siananigan - You just reminded me! I  had problems getting the letdown if I was in a rush (Like had just got home from somewhere and needed to get tea on but baby needed feeding first) or if I had been for a long walk in the afternoon.  I'm not sure why but the more I worried about it and was on edge waiting for letdown the more it wouldn't come! I had to literally lie down and totally relax myself for it to come.  This didn't happen all the time just when I was rushed, or stressed out.  Not sure but maybe a bit of anxiety about feeding is stopping your letdown coming easily? Dunno, but hope it's helpful :-) How did the midwife check go and baby's weight?


Like ZGT Julie has said, softer boobs are totally normal. I have very good supply but have huge issues expressing let alone squeezing a few drops out.

If your bub is fussing at the breast you could try switch feeding which is allowng bubs to suckle at one breast for a few sips and then put bub onto the other breast for a few sips and repeat until let down occurs.

Try and really focus on the latch - get as much of that boob in your babies wee mouth as possible.

When is baby fussing? Is it evening? That is very normal and is about your supply being a little lower at the end of the day and baby trying to stimulate hind milk.

Most of all relax and enjoy the close time together! The more you relax the better your supply will be

Congratulations by the way - it must be such a relief to no longer be 'morning' sick! I remember the instant relief when mine was born. Phew!


I would be looking at the baby's output not yours to find out if you have low supply.  I had a baby that had not had any output after mecconium and his nappy was just about dry/ slight green poop at around day 6 or 7.  This was indeed low supply.  Get your m/w or lactation consultant to check that baby is sucking and swallowing not just sucking.  Eat oats, take fennel, fenugreek, blessed thistle and plenty of fluids.  Eat high protein diet............... slightly green bananas and peanut butter (sounds gross but its not too bad), make sure all sucking is at the breast, if you express after every feed then express for at least 2mins after the last drop of milk comes from them.  Try and get hold of a supplimentarly nursing system to feed expressed milk to baby (this is a tube you tape to your breast and is attached to a special bottle you hang round your neck).  Check out drjacknewman.com as there are heaps of video on there showing what a correct latch and sucking action should look like, Also has a supplimentary nursing system video on there.
Good luck and remember, the more skin to skin and suckling the more milk your body will make (I have been there and we are still feeding now 14 months later!)

Kate's Family

Sorry ladies! You're right, I haven't given you all the details. Lol. Well he's generally not settled after a feed now and is constantly looking for my breast, grizzling until I put him on but he's not getting any milk. Maybe he just wants comfort but I just find it strange that I can't get any milk out if I try to squeeze some out. I also can't hear him swallowing after a wee while and he's no longer doing long drawing motions. It's as if he can't get anything out...
LoVemyBabes, my breasts went to pre-preggy size when breastfeeding my DS and I think that happened at about 4 months. Can't remember too clearly. Lol. Bubs hasn't been weighed yet as my midwife had a birth today so she is coming on Thursday now. I guess that will tell me if he's getting anough and I think he's having enough wet nappies. Maybe I am being paranoid! Thanks for putting things into perspective! Lol. Will just keep feeding bubs as much as possible and hope it's all fine... =)
Thanks for the recipe Yvonne1987. That actually sounds very tasty! =)



From my experience.... (I only have one DD, who I BF for 11months)

I totally agree with Julie, far too early to tell whether you have 'low supply'.  Most midwives and doctors will tell you it can take up to 6weeks to 'establish' breastfeeding, I don't want to scare you off though generally things settle much sooner than that.  After that engorging stage when your milk comes in, breasts soften and appear quite alot smaller (Mine, once BF was established, were almost pre-preg size! I certainly wasn't low on milk though - my DD would cough and splutter at the beginning of a feed! lol) If your baby is latching properly (the best indication being his/her jaw is moving and ears wiggling during feeding and your nipples aren't sore) and he/she is having frequent wet nappies and bowel motions, gaining good weight then relax everything should be fine :-) Definitly talk to your midwife at your next check just for reassurance though. 

Also in a few weeks, then again at 6 wks and intervals after that (You have probably heard, but the 'warning' still didn't prepare me with my DD) baby goes through 'growth spurts' and they literally seem to want to feed NON-STOP! This is a classic time for mums to think they haven't got enough milk and to start 'topping-up' with formula, which is the worst thing for milk supply as the only way the body recieves signals to make more milk is from the babies sucking - More feeding=More Milk.  It can be draining and even a little frustrating at the time but from memory last 1 maybe 2 days then your body responds by increasing your supply which in turn fills baby up after a feed and things go back to normal :-)

Try to relax and take one day at a time, demand feed if you can to start with as this is the best way to get your supply in-sync with your babies needs.  Enjoy your precious baby and Good-luck with the feeding :-)


Why do you think you have low supply?  After only a week your supply won't have even established yet.  Frequent feeding is the way to do this.  Yes breast generally get engorged in the first few days, however this settles and they should no longer be engorged like in the beginning.  As you are onto your second child, they will settle faster than the first time as they know what to do.

Does he have plenty of wet nappies?  Has he lost heaps of weight or is the MW happy with his weight at the moment?  Does he look settled and content after a feed, or unsettled and grizzling?  These are all things you need to consider when thinking about milk supply, NOT how your breasts feel.  The softness, or not, or your breasts is NOT a good indication of how much milk you have as only a small percentage of the milk delivered in a feed is actually in the breast.

If I were you I would just concentrate on feeding baby everytime he is hungry, even if it's only been an hour since the last feed, get as much rest as you possibly can and ensure you have a good diet with plenty of fresh food, protein, fats etc, and loads of water.  Most importantly you need to trust your body, as worry and stress will lower supply!

I think it is far too early to be talking about low supply but that's just my opinion based on the very limited info you have provided.

To me, and it's only my opinioin based on what I know, I feel too many mum's think their supply is low based on things like what the breasts feel like, or because baby wants to feed more often, both of which are completely normal.  Perhaps talk to your MW about your concerns and hopefully if she is onto it with breastfeeding then she will be able to put your mind at rest and give you some good tips such as feeding on demand and just watching output and weight which are the indicators that baby is getting enough milk.

Good luck!

Mumma Luv

Hi there...

I would speak to you MW or Dr to find out about it...there is a med you can take for low milk supply and also there is this stuff called tigers milk...

Tigers Milk

1cup full cream milk
1/2cup acidophylis yoghurt
1tablespoon complan
1 banana
1tsp yeast flakes
-/+ icecream

Mix in a blender and drink over the day.

This improves quality of milk and the yeast flakes increase the supply...

Hope this helps and good luck

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