Good Trampoline to buy?

Hi, We are looking to buy a good trampoline with safety net for our daughter for christmas. I am not having much luck with being able to see one in the flesh as most brands are for sale via the internet! Is anyone able to suggest a good brand to buy? I want one that is made of good quality steel, uv resistant mat and has a strong net. (Not one that sags). We are keen to hear from people that have a Superbounce trampoline and how they have found them. We would love some help as there are just sooo many brands! Oh and we are in Wellington.


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I don't think anyone is saying that kids sholdn't use tramps - more that when kids do have accidents on tramps they are more frequent and more serious cos they involve forces unnatural and abnormal to everyday play.

Sure kids fall off bikes but tramps can generate huge unnatural forces causing more severe injury

Most accidents come from kids crashing into each other so if they are on their own they should be OK.

I am really wary but the ones with the nets on are way better than not. 

Everyone saying we had them and they were Ok forget they lived in an age where kids being injured was an acceptable part of everyday life - today it is not.

Clare Bear

when I was a kid we had a rusty old tramp with no pads or anything, I used to do all sorts on it and never had any major accidents. We have a Fresco Living 12 foot tramp off trademe, its really good, has all the nets etc. Was about $500.  I will be taking the nets off when youngest is about 5, as I do think its good to teach them boundaries etc. DD goes on it every day, its one of the best things we have brought.
Im a nurse in paediatrics, and yes I see lots of tramp injuries - mainly broken arms - but also loads of injuries from bikes/random falls/bunk beds etc, kids will have accidents, theres nothing you can do about it, its how they learn. Certainly hasnt put me off having a tramp, I would rather my DD out getting some exercise then parked up "safely" in fromt of the tele.


 We're of the school that letting them learn their own boundaries is the best thing you can do, whether that be playing bullrush or using a tramp or mountainbiking or whatever. Better a sprained wrist now than a drug overdose when they're 16. 

Kate's Family

Hehe Siananigan that reminds me lots of my childhood on tramps and i to never recieved so much as a bruise. I agree that its a very risky activity but wont deprive my kids of it as i think the fun and learning is worth it as long as supervised. When my DD gets old enough i was thinking of getting one from spring free, they were at the parent and child show and looked really good but very expensive! However we have been gifted as soon as we want it a normal style tramp so now DP wont have a bar of spending over 1k on another one lol.


I met a 2yr old that broke her arm climbing down the ladder of a springfree tramp.  Oh the irony in that one.  Here's a link on tramp safety

Basically put it in a spot where kids can't launch themselves into stuff, buy the safety nets, one kid at a time and supervise. 


we have on old rectangle tramp that has pads but no nets - this was fine for one child when closely monitored, bt now we have three and lots of extras - i too hate tramps with a vengence - but the devil they know is what i decided was better for my children - we have a 14ft with nets coming ($500) from trade me, my only concern is they get to used to the protection of the nets and when go somewhere without may get hurt - so i will have to still be careful (as i alwasy was going to be) at the end of the day children love trampolines - they also llike bikes - we dont stop those do we ?

Jaxons mum

The nurse at A&E said the biggest cause of child accidents they saw were from trampolines - sorry to be a killjoy...


Hello.We got ours off Trade me a few years back & it has been brilliant.Its a SKYDANCER model.The features we love are. The net zips shut so theres no forgetting to align the velcro closer like some others. The steps are angeled & have a tread so little feet don't slip going up or oposed to some that just have the cylinder shaped steps.
My girl is always closely watched when on hers as I can imagine how easy accidents could happen.
Hope that helps.


Hehe. I love accident stories from when we were kids. We used to play on the tramp all the time as kids - always looking for that elusive 'double bounce' which would fire one of us up twice as high as the others if we timed it right. Then there was that time we put ropes around the tramp like a wrestling ring and tried out our moves. I loved that trampoline and never got hurt once on it. We used to put a sprinkler under it in summer and bounce around on the slidey surface - I cannot begin to imagine the OSH nightmare that would have been =o/

My sister broke her leg on her horse and I broke an arm. My brother broke both of his wrists on a swing and almost chopped his finger off playing Asterix and Obelix with a bit of metal he had found. I also got a fractured wrist from playing 'airplane' with dad.

Sorry to divert the thread, I was just having fun reminiscing. No tramp advice sorry, but springless ones are ideal as far as safety goes.


I realise accidents happen but trust me - if you work with kids A&E for a while you realise how many are preventable and how devasted the parents are at knowing they could have stopped their kids getting seriously hurt!!

I guess I was just trying to say that kids are much more likely to get hurt on a trampoline than other play equipment or just normal kids stuff.......


Thanks for the reply Nikki but we already have custom made playground equipment at our house but thanks. As a child I put my teeth through my top lip in a pool and my brother broke his arm falling down one step. Accidents will happen.

mum of Lachie & Charlise

Hi Sophie's_Mum

Don't want to put a damper on your idea but I have seen dozens and dozens of broken arms and legs from trampoline accidents as well as some very nasty injuries from kids banging into each other playing on the same trampoline including  fractured cheeks, jaw, and countless teeth through lips

I am not sure if the safety nets help - they MUST do with the falls obviously, but if you do - please make sure that your kids are only on there on their own - which I am sure takes the fun out of it but they are possibly the most dangerous kids activity toy out there!

For $1200 you can get some AWESOME playground equipment....

Sorry to be a grumpster...

In case anyone thinks I am an over-protective freak (!) I let my little boy play on pretty much anything in the garden, playground etc - but he does not go on a trampoline - ever - no matter what!!

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