Buggy for a small Car - need advice!!

Ok, so I'm eight weeks preggers with #1. I also drive a Suzuki Swift (for those of you who don't know its a hatchback - looks like a super mini!). I really really love Mountain Buggies, but after trying a girlfriends on Friday night we have found the Urban model won't fit in the back of my car unless we take the wheels off -which isn't ideal if you have a screaming hungry child wanting to get home. I know there is another mountain buggy model called the "Swift" which is much smaller -does anyone have this particular model? Or can you recommend something that may fit in the back of my car? Might sound silly but I LOVE my car and really don't want to get a new one!! Thanks ladies in advance :O)


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Hi, I had the same problem fitting a pram into my audi a3 boot.  I choose the Mountain Buggy Swift for our new baby boy.  It was the only one that fitted.  And it is the best pram I have ever used.  I have had a phil and teds and mountain buggy terrain with our other two children and while these were both great prams the swift is so adaptable for walking the streets and around the malls.  I love it so much.  I cant recommend it enough.  And you can add a kiddy board on the back of them when number 2 comes along.  That is what I have done for our daughter.  Hope this helps....All I can say is you wont regret getting the swift.


we have a swift also and LOVE it, Mountain Buggy have a new buggy - funnily enough - called the SWIFT he he he. We got it and it was the only one we found to fit in our boot, and it matches the car LOL


Hi Linda
Ive got a Suzuki Swift too and totally love it! I had a Steelcraft Enigma three wheel pram to start with which fitted in the boot once the rear wheels were removed. This was quick and easy to do and its a great pram, warm, comy, huge parcel tray, full recline etc and available through Farmers. I sold it friends when their baby was due because Phil N Ted's were on huge discount at Smiths City (graffiti plus double kit for $600) and this pram fits in my boot intact, double kit beside it, all the covers etc and still have room for baby bag! With number 2 on the way now not sure what we will do re carseats but the pram is staying! I love my P N T super light, great around tight spaces and looks awesome.


you guys rock, thank you so much for your replies!! lammylamb, i'm just north of auckland, so not near you unfortunately, thanks so much for your offer though! I might try the baby factory, i wanted to do that in the first place but DH is scared that makes us obliged to buy (men!). I might do it on the sneak!! I was thinking about doing the snap n go for the first few months so maybe it could work if I got the swift for when bubs is a bit older. I will definitely look at P&T's as well - thanks ooligator! Cheers guys!!


The baby factory sell the Baby Jogger city series. They seems it fold smallish and is quite light.


I have a MB Swift and find it amazing... Where abouts do you live Linda? If your in Hamilton your more than welcome to try fitting our buggy in your boot :) Otherwise drop by your local Baby Factory and ask if you can try it... They are quite a bit smaller than the Urban MB's... Although they don't really look it at first glance.


Not sure how big the boot of a swift is, but we have a Peugeot 206, and the boot isn't huge. When we looked at buggies, DH measured the two we were looking at, Mountain Buggy and Phil and Teds, and worked out which one folded down the smallest, was the lightest, and smallest overall when folded. The P&T won out on all categories, so that's what we went with. The P&T Sport. I take all the wheels off, though it will fit if I leave them on, just restricts the other space for shopping etc in the boot. And yes, with the wheels off, I can fit my weekly grocery shopping in the boot as well!!

Best bet for you though, is go somewhere like Baby City/Factory and ask to try them in your car.


Hiya, i have a MB for walks and a small stroller for taking in the car to the mall etc. You could try that if you really want a MB and really want to keep your car. While your baby is in a capsule you could hire the wheels for it from baby factory as the small strollers sometimes don't accomodate a new born unless you get one that lies flat.

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