I have signed DD up for her first swimming lesson. I'm hoping this will be good Daddy time. Are there any other dads who go to swimming lessons?


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My DP first started taking DD at 3months he was the only one and i did call to check it was ok first cos i wasnt sure if a man going was an accepted thing lol. He was the only guy but funny enough next week there was another guy and i remember a lady (i think a nana) who had come to watch was telling another mother tht her hubby should come next time lol.

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Cool I want to get my daughter into swimming lessons . Does anyone know if Papakura do swimming lessons?


At our pool they have a separate room for the younger swimming classes wich is really warm some times too warm, but it is good as after we all take the kids out and change them on the bench seat by the pool. They allso have pearant change rooms right by the main pool (about 4) wich have fold doen change tables in them wich is so handy as you dont need to drag your kids through the cold air to get you changed. We do the same as rocky and change in to togs at home and put clothes over (DD we put her big dressing gown over her togs makes it so easy. We were lucky our DD loved the water from day one off class. Hope you all enjoy it!


Our class was 1/2 female & 1/2 male (some were not the parents), ie. uncles etc.
Took both my toddlers to swimming lessons when they were younger and the first 2 lessons both of them screamed the place down (both were in the same class).
We would all change into our swimming gear at home - just b4 we left and put our clothes over the top so you just had to strip the top layer off by the side of the pool and get in when you got there.
Don't know how old your DD is - does she need a change table - call and find out if you don't know whether they have them or not in the changing rooms.
Are the changing rooms warm enuf? Some a really blardy drafty.
Got the swim-pants sorted?
Good Luck!


Our DD has been doing them since 7months and it is her and her daddys time they both love it! Most of the perants in the pool with the kids in our group are fathers! I think it is the best thing we have done to give them time to bond! BEST OF LUCK!


Hey EE-Daddy, when are the swimming lessons, was hoping to find one on a saturday for Ben?

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Yip, DH takes our two swimming and really enjoys it. Highly recommended.

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I teach infant aquatics and like fish said, the majority of the classes in the weekend are dad's. During the week we get the odd dad, but mainly mums. It is really nice to get the odd dad though. Makes a break from all the women.

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haha great story


I used to teach baby swimming lessons when I was a student, and on Sat/Sun lessons it was about 80% dads in the water. I guess the Mums reasoned that they mostly do the weekday stuff so Dad needs to do his bit on the weekend!

I also remember a class that was all Dads on the first day when this really hot mum (who must have adopted, as she had not a stretch mark in sight lol!) in a bikini turned up and said sorry she was late, and was she in the right place? The men all looked at me, and you could just see them all silently asking me "SAY YES!!!"

Swimming lessons are great fun - my bub adores the water and is able to swim back and forth between me and DH underwater - with a bit of help!


Thats good. I have to admit I was fairly worried about the whole being surrounded by pre-preggo togs and overexposed cleavage scenario. Hopefully it will at least be a well balanced group.


There is in Duneidn. It seems to be the dad thing to do with bubs. more physical maybe. I tried to talk hubby into it but he hates water, sand and sun being a true Dunedin boy. So there I am every week trying to squeeze into by pre preggo togs and exposing wayyyyyyy too much cleavage to the world at large. It would be more discreet breastfeeding.
So anyway the good news is there will be plenty of dads there..

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