Hi There, i'm new to this!!!!! my wife of 7 years is 30 weeks pregnant and is having her 27th Birthday next week. What do i buy her?? she dosent want anything, just keeps saying, dont worry about it. i want to get her something really special as i really love her but always find birthdays so hard to buy for!!! thanks heaps if any one cares to answer. cheers

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I Folks sorry for the late reply... i have been away.
well i took DW out for lunch... and got windows cleaned inside and out by pros! no more sticky finger marks for the time being any way!!!!!! and also got in a landscape gardner to tidy up our gardens, this also was geat for ME!! but then again i work 12 hrs a day and 6 days a week so i dont get a lot of time to do outside jobs!! also i sent her some flowers.

She loved it all!! thanks so much for all the great ideas.



Oh just seen the date on your post!!! OOooops ditzy blonde alert!! SORRY....
So what did you get for her???


Kiz, the diamonds sound a great idea, as DW has 6 on her engagement ring so I'm in credit for a few years. Awesome, I don't have to worry about presents for a while. :)

You'd probably be best to get vouchers for clothes or bras, a changeable pregnant woman is a tough person to buy for. Or to give her a greater range than one shop, send her shopping with the amount you intended to spend in cash, with the instruction to spend ALL of the cash. That way she feels she is getting a treat (as she has to spend all the money so will probably get something silly along with her serious buys), yet you can still budget the gift.

But I think investing in experiences is better than stuff. She will probably remember and appreciate a meal out, or even breakfast in bed, more than an item of clothing which she'd have had to buy at some stage anyway.

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Oh, I 3rd the clean house! That would be bliss, but Im a mum to 4. Heck, Id settle for a clean area on my lounge floor!
And to feeling pretty, maybe a few hours at a day spa? Or a really nice facial?

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Neither was engagement was it Kiz? Or was it marriage? Like I can talk....what are diamonds?


Good thinking OldGroover!

Siananigan, I didn't say there weren't things that might win me jewellery, it's just that having babies wasn't one of them ;-P


Oh a clean house sounds DIVINE.

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Haha, how hard did you try Kiz? I don't understand how you didn't talk him around ;o)


Excellent ideas.

Another option might be a weekend away - even if it is in the same town you live in (does depend how small the town is).

Or jewellery - I know of someone who gets a diamond per child. The person isn't me & DH could not be convinced what a nice idea this is.

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truly this is so.

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